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Selamawit Reda

Very passionate about bringing communities together, and she strongly believes in the strength and power of communities to work together in solving their own problems. Moreover,

Selamawit is a community activist, a cultural consultant ,Advanced Mental health training for great Manchester faith leaders, Counselling( diploma level 3)and a qualified Holistic beauty Therapist.

Selamawit says “Help People Without Expecting Any Returns “

Adiam Tsegu

HCPC registered Advanced Practitioner Sonographer (BSc (Hons) and PgDip).

Adiam Tsegu is one of the directors of Mahtsen and the woman behind our organisation’s name ‘Mahtsen’. Adiam chose the name Mahtsen, which means a mother’s wombthe source of all life and where everyone of us have began

Adiam is passionate about reducing health inequalities and is dedicated to breaking language and cultural barriers.

Rahel Mehretab
Event Coordinator

A Senior Administrator in the Midlands, she holds a Diploma in Medical Administration and an MSc. in Marketing Management. 

With international experience, Rahel is skilled at adapting to diverse cultures and languages. 

Kidest Beyene
Qualified Counsellor

A Mental Health Therapist with a BA honors and is a registered member of BACP. 

She works with adults and young people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma as a result of domestic abuse. 

Metasebia Mendaya

Experienced individual working in social adult care services.  

Well recognised, committed and respected group leader within our community. Very dedicated, enthusiastic community organiser.

Tadese Asghedom
Cultural Lead

Retired social services and interpreter but still volunteers to support refugees .

Mr Tadese is Mahtsen’s Cultural Lead a mentor, a coach and an inspirational individual at Mahtsen.

Sisay Kahn
Project Coordinator

Currently working as a case work coordinator with the registered charitable organisation Rainbow Haven in Manchester. 

She helped establish the organisation 20 years ago with the hope of creating a safe haven for newly arriving asylum seekers, refugees, and other migrants in Greater Manchester.

Aman Mohammed
Streaming Moderator

An interpreter and mediator with reception structure for people in vulnerable situations he involved with numerous associations helping migrants in Calais migrant services platform Art Refuge UK

Gabriella Cocanari

Passionate about Life, and justice, a strong believer in the phenomenal exchange between humanity instead of hatred, anger, and war. 

Continuously looking to find directions and shapes to magnify the faith, cultural, academic, and work experience toward an ideal optimised lifestyle to live and share with others.

She associates with a few communities supporting and empowering others, such as Ethiopian community in GM, Women International group.

Masresha Wendmu

Creative producer, Performer, workshop facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Choreographer. 

BA in Business Management (UK NARIC Level 5), Skilled Vocational Trainer and Wealth of Experience in various creatives industry–music, circus, dance, theatre and film.

Samrawit Tekeste
Streaming Moderator

Samrawit Tekeste has over 13 years of working experience in teaching, in accounting, business administration, finance management, and advocacy.

Samrawit holds a BA degree in Economics and Diploma in Accounting.

Noah Tekle

Over 15 years experience photography and videos, a Barber 7 years experience and community activist . 

Noah believes in creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages youth to take chances and learn from their mistakes.

Samuel Habte
Mens Wellbeing Mentor

Samuel Habte interest shifted to inner beauty, with a focus on inner engineering. 

Samuel’s motto of self-love and awareness is the base for serving his community. 

He wanted to give the same love to others, to give high regard for their mind, body, and spirit. 

Samuel’s interest also includes sport and exercise, and he is a critical observer and researcher of past Culture and Heritage different Communities.

Yonas Beyene

The man behind our intro Song in our live streaming He has hobbies writing poems passion how to perfectly edit videos .

He is community activist very dedicated and enthusiastic on helping communities to see brighter future generations to come.

Dr Danait F. Habte
Medical Consulting

Helping in increasing the knowledge of different aspects of health by teaching Eritrean Community in Tigrinya language.

Dr Danait believes that ” Good health can become the source of true happiness for each and everyone”.  She works tirelessly to fulfil that.

Kisanet Tedros

Named one of the 100 influential women of 2022 in the world by BBC, Kisanet is the Founder and CEO of Beles Bubu organization, an Eritrean kids’ program that has helped thousands of Eritreans to connect with their culture and roots.