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Our Story


Fundraising for Mahtsen’s Noble Initiatives

Mahtsen has been ceaselessly working for the betterment of its community with special emphasis on children. Its initiatives focus on creating a positive impact on society and shaping a brighter future for the young generation. As active members of the community we all can contribute to its noble cause.


Our volunteers

Selamawit Reda

Very passionate about bringing communities together, and she strongly believes in the strength and power of communities to work together in solving their own problems. Moreover,

Selamawit is a community activist, a cultural consultant ,Advanced Mental health training for great Manchester faith leaders, Counselling( diploma level 3)and a qualified Holistic beauty Therapist.

Selamawit says “Help People Without Expecting Any Returns “

Adiam Tsegu

HCPC registered Advanced Practitioner Sonographer (BSc (Hons) and PgDip).

Adiam Tsegu is one of the directors of Mahtsen and the woman behind our organisation’s name ‘Mahtsen’. Adiam chose the name Mahtsen, which means a mother’s wombthe source of all life and where everyone of us have began

Adiam is passionate about reducing health inequalities and is dedicated to breaking language and cultural barriers.

Rahel Mehretab
Event Coordinator

A Senior Administrator in the Midlands, she holds a Diploma in Medical Administration and an MSc. in Marketing Management. 

With international experience, Rahel is skilled at adapting to diverse cultures and languages. 

Kidest Beyene
Qualified Counsellor

A Mental Health Therapist with a BA honors and is a registered member of BACP. 

She works with adults and young people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma as a result of domestic abuse. 


Support our community !!

Mahtsen stands out because, it has dedicated volunteers to serve and members of our community who rely on the range of services that are available on its platform — some in their words. 

Rahwa Meles Service user

Mahtsen, in my opinion, represents a vision of a thriving community for coming generations. I like Mahtsen's ability to unite all people despite differences in ethnicity or religion.Most importantly, it brings us moms together and gives us the chance to interact with other moms who share our interests. I value the encouragement given to what the Mahtsen team hopes to accomplish in the future. Genuine team leaders are a must for having a thriving community, and the Mahtsen team fits that description, in my opinion. I appreciate all of your current effort. Keep going, and I'll continue to back you.

Tigist Tekle Service user

As a migrant mum Mahtsen has helped me to nurture my girls. Increase my parenting knowledge and learn how i could help my children know about their family culture with better understanding of their identity with respect and acknowledgement of western culture to give them the ability to grow in both cultures to a bright and secure childhood and self confidence. It was Also a good opportunity to meet other moms and discuss the physical  emotional  intellectual and social wellbeing of individuals, which was a very interesting topic. I would love to say thank you to the entire Mahtsen team and keep up the Amharic program

Yirgalem Abraham Service user

Mahtsen group is one family like the name. From young to middle aged, different ranges of age work together. A lot of professionals share their knowledge and expertise to their society voluntarily. They support their society in different angles. From all over the world, professionals and people with experience come and participate with Mahtsen. I have met people and learned from them, so well done Mahtsen, keep it up!

Mahlet Tadesse Service user

Am mom of three, mahten helped me how to incourage my family ,cultural, emotional, social care etc in western world. And also  it's helped how to challenge through progress of kids mental health care for children .The staff members are so friendly, kind, respectful to support they are community .I would like  them to keep their tgrinina program to serve their community .much respect

Aemro Yerdaw Service user

From the time I joined to  mahtsen and started participating, the benefits of voluntary service such as better physical and mental health and well-being, more confidence, new skills, valuable work experience, and a sense of connection to others in the community gaining new skills, make new friends, reconnect with your community, improve your confidence, and boost our social skills. It strengthens our ties to the community and broadens our support network, exposing us to people with common interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities. On this occasion, I would like to convey my message that I can help and that the institution should be helped to continue strong

Rahel Mehretab Service user

I have a very positive view of the Matshen team. When I meet other moms in the event, I feel comfort because they all have the same background as me (migrants). I have participated in other  extraordinary events that were held   by the Mahtsen team, which was productive on our children school system. MrAlex_gave us  a mind-blowing speech that we can't get it for free. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from Mahtsen team in all. I really hope to meet brave moms out there in Manchester.


Our lovely community

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”  — Martin Luther King, Jr