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About us


Mahtsen is working to strengthen family wellbeing - especially whose origin is the horn of africa

Mahtsen takes a grassroots level approach to preserving community health – physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual. We strongly believe that no problem is too big or too small that love, kindness and compassion cannot solve, for perfect love casts out fear.

Mental Health
Domestic violence
Cultural oriented fitness
Cultural integration
Autism awareness


Mahtsen aims to shape the future one step a time by attending to the needs of members of our Eritrean and Ethiopian communities. Mahtsen will endeavour towards:

Preserving our cultural heritage and shaping our mindset towards a unified goal of creating sustainable and healthy choices and promoting better communication and understanding among the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities.

Raising public awareness about how everybody matters and has a crucial role to play within the community.
Using that experience in embracing cohesion between the two fraternal communities, Mahtsen aims to further expand its outreach by opening its doors wider to welcome and to integrate members of other communities from the Horn of Africa region.
Creating a social awareness where everyone can contribute towards protecting our planet and preserving it for the next generation

Please Join Us and inspire the Horn Of Africa Community.